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Is your Real Estate Business ready for the World Wide Web?

Use our free tools and improve your online presence, generate more leads and make more sales.



Become known as THE real estate agent among your professional and personal network, using these 50 free social media marketing tips to boost your online presence.

  • Start a Facebook page for your business instead of using your personal account.

  • Use Twitter to share interesting articles about the real estate market or specific neighborhoods and listings.

  • Post Instagram photos of your listings’ best features.

  • Make short videos around your listings, of your team, happy clients, neighborhood events – things that will engage your audience and encourage them to share your content.

  • Start a social media calendar to organize and stay on top of your online posts.

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Let us take a look at your website and provide you a report with scores on the most important online metrics. Included in every evaluation are specific recommendations on how to improve your visitor’s experience on your website and how to turn your website into a sales and lead generator.

Website Speed 70/100
User experience 86/100
Content and image quality 72/100
Sales and lead generation potential 60/100

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Phone Quality into Pro Photography

Great photos are the bread and butter of a good listing, but there is not always the time and resources to hire a professional photographer, therefore let us show you how we can improve your smart phone pictures and make your listing shine in the best light possible. Upload one interior or exterior image of your listing and we will send you back a professionally enhanced version of that image within 24 hours. All free of charge.


Remember that repetition is the mother of learning and the base practice for brand recognition. If the biggest brands in the world spend the time, money and effort to put their logo on everything they can, then so should you.

 Incorporate listings on your homepage and drive ANYONE and EVERYONE to your website to show them your listings instead of a third party website. Your website is another huge branding opportunity for your real estate business and will provide you free business just by maintaining it.

Keep a prospecting flyers in possession at all times. Freely distribute to anyone you meet while prospecting whether or not they are interested in buying or selling real estate. The goal is to drive them to your website so you have a branding opportunity.

Maintaining a great database will allow you to run an organized and efficient business. It is imperative to get to know your prospects as you build a relationship while understanding their needs and wants.

Memorize the best response when you hear an objection. An objection is simply a pathway to a sale. The better prepared you are at handling objections the more you will see a rise in your income. Be ready for the most commonly asked questions and objections. Your answers will be clear and concise, yet conveyed with confidence!

Do not comprise the integrity of your database by inputting prospects who do not qualify. Spend your time, money and efforts with those that have the NEED for your professional services and are receptive to doing business with you. A prospect needs to earn the right to be a part of your database. Your time is deemed as valuable and will be spent on those that are genuinely worthy.

It’s a business – know your expenses before becoming a real estate agent. Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t stop the rent, food, clothing and other expenses. Know your budget and calculate how much money you have to make to get over the break-even-point. Set your goals accordingly and know how many listings you have to sell in a week, month, year.

Be clear about what it is that you want to obtain and why it is important to you. Write your goals down and review them daily. Trying to operate a business without goals is equivalent to a pilot flying a plane without a flight plan…. Don’t fly blindly; be certain of your expectations.

Chart your success by calendaring ALL your activities. Allow your calendar to hold you accountable for all of your daily activities and ensure you are on track to accomplish exactly what you have committed to accomplishing.

Determine which vendors you want as the part of your real estate team. Select vendors who provide you the most value and where the relationships are reciprocal in nature. Refer business to those that are assisting you in truly building your business. Remember, you are identified as being a professional by those that are  members of your professional team.


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