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The way space influences the creativity of any individual or team is something we’re constantly playing with, altering our own creative homebase to suit different aspects of productivity in an ongoing quest to understand the impact of space on efficiency. With a fully functioning creative studio serving flexible purposes, we open our doors to local artists and innovators to come together and work on various projects worth developing.

Whether the situation calls for bouncing ideas around with different specialists, recording audio or visual media, or putting nails through wood, we attempt to cater to any process imaginable, never placing form before function or vice versa. 


Stack House is an office, a co-work,  a production studio, laboratory, movie theater, classroom, library, conference room, lounge — and that’s only during the day.

At night Stack House is available for hosting events, seminars, meetings, classes, parties, shows, and whatever else you want to create. We even have a few parties of our own, when the time is right. Find out how easy and cost effective it is to rent out our creative space and make it your own for as long as you need something bigger for your event or project. 


The Stack House team is currently building a prototype subscription service in which $200 a month gets a chosen 10 individuals a key to Stack House all month, allowing you unfettered access to an amazing space and an endless list of equipment between the hours of 10AM – 8PM, with no limits. Event space after 8 PM is also available with prior notice with the subscription. 

If you want to find out more, and apply for this unlimited studio and equipment package for only $200 a month, contact Brandon by email at

For a complete list of equipment and studio capabilities, click here.



While we don’t have a darkroom for the level 99 Hobby Hipster to develop film in, and our green screen couldn’t exactly host a Lord of the Rings sized battle sequence, our studio is perfect for projects like portrait photography, talking-head videos, webinars, social media content, and as a setting for interviews or other content requiring a flexible, artistic, and interesting setting. Our equipment will get any project started and finished, always in high quality, in minimal time. With in-house technicians available to help out where it’s needed, creative products, professional photographs, promotional videos, and any graphic oriented pieces can be done on sight and to your requirements. 


Out “tool wall” is our signature element of the Stack House Studio, and it basically speaks for itself. We’ve written enough on this page. It’s getting redundant. Just look at that wall. Feel all the dreams come back to you. Hear the buzzing of the drones. The click clack of the cameras. The… wires. And the accessories. Just look at it. You want it. Come by and see it for yourself.

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